Our Story

    Each one of our products is formulated by a Master Barber with quality ingredients for men who want to feel better about their beards and skin. Master Barber Tee has been a barber for the past 10+ years.  Tee realized that many of his clients were having trouble growing and maintaining their beards. They were also having trouble finding products that were safe and natural for their skin. 

    Tee set out to create a product line that would not only improve the quality of his clients’ skin but help with issues that were more specific to men of color. He eventually teamed up with Lila who has been creating skin and hair products for the past five years to produce a line that is alcohol-free, cruelty-free and non-toxic. Ur Up Next Beard and Body is specifically designed to help clients with thicker coarser hair and beards achieve more manageability and growth.  Our products are used on our clients everyday at New Lifestyles Barbershop in Baldwin.   

    We hope you love Ur Up Next Beard and Body as much as we enjoy creating it for you.